The Just Slate Company

Millions of years in the making.


Layer upon layer of fine-grained, foliated rock fused together over time under low heat and huge pressure to create the unique slate we use in all our products..

The Just Slate design team harness this character to produce our range of stylish and hand-crafted tableware.

From our workshops in Scotland we hand-cut each individual slate piece to fit with our contemporary designs. By striking the raw slate correctly a skilled craftsman or women can split the layers to create a flat surface with the detailed “riven” edge surround.

Throughout the production process we focus on the elegance of the finished product and using traditional methods each piece of slate is selected, cut, shaped, felted, oiled and inspected before packing.

As it takes millions of years for the slate to reach our workshop we believe it’s only right to give it the very best of treatment when it’s here.

You are most welcome to visit us in Scotland, UK and see for yourself the attention to detail in every slate product we make.


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